Making Willow Trees

IMG_9289Claire wanted to go for a walk this evening, so we did a little project together, which is just a continuation of lessons in clonal reproduction of trees.


This is a big willow next to a retaining pond near our home, tucked back in a marsh.

IMG_9291 IMG_9292

We collected a bunch of green cuttings from it.


Tucked them in a wide mouth quart jar,IMG_9294

filled it with filtered water, and covered with tinfoil to keep lights off the roots, then put it on top of the fridge, at the back, where it would stay warm and out of direct light.


Nell and I did much the same a few weeks ago, from an ancient weeping willow on my parent’s old property.


3 weeks out from taking those cuttings, and 2 of them were developed enough to warrant being potted up.  You cannot do this with all trees, but if you have a willow you want more of, or want to save for whatever reasons, it is a fun project to do.

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