Growing Time Ends


And now Claire is a year older.  Damn.  This is going fast.


Cousins came to help her celebrate.  That was 6 days ago.


Today it is 50 degrees cooler, and snow is expected.  <shrug> Minnesota in early October.  We have seen 30+ inches in a single snowfall in October before, so that there is snow in the forecast is annoying, but not unheard of.  It did mean that we had to pull a lot of things we would have rather left out on the plants for a while though.  The picture above is Patti picking Jimmy Nardello peppers out at the Ness farm.IMG_4329A bushel of squash went to the Ness family.  Not a banner year for squash, and all extra went to the Ness family, but that is not a bad thing.


All of the big basil plants were pulled and are in the house tonight.  Have to set them up to dry down inside now.


There are a couple of bushel boxes in the living room of green tomatoes I am going to have to set up for either ripening, or pickle green.


A good amount of peppers and semi-ripe tomatoes to deal with as well.


Pulled a dozen Arikara sunflower heads from the Ness farm tonight too.  Not that frost would hurt them, but the birds are hitting them and figured if I waited any longer, they would be gone.  Need seed for next year, so we took the best.  Patti looks cold.  Because she was.  40 degrees and 35 mph winds will chill someone down.


Pretty sunset though.  Not much daylight any more.  This was before 7pm.


All of the food is moved into the house.  Have a lot to deal with.  A couple kinds of peppers, bushels of tomatoes, squashes, etc.  Going to be a busy weekend.


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  1. Renville Tom says:

    Picked apples today (Tuesday Oct 07). See a photo of them here:

    -Renville Tom