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Damn The Torpedos

Full speed ahead! The girls and I started in a foggy morning by planting seven Siberian tomatoes in the front yard.  The plants themselves had just shown their first true leaves, so these are not really well developed seedlings, but … Continue reading

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Just Not Ready For This

I am sowing seeds in flats.  A lot of them.  If I were only looking at a calender I would think I was ahead of the game, but I sure don’t feel that way. These weekends are already mostly spoken … Continue reading

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How Can I Suddenly Be Behind?

What is going on?  It is still winter, by the calendar, but it sure does not feel like it outside. Last night, on my way home from work, they were talking about the long-term weather forecast.  Apparently, winter is done.  … Continue reading

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So, It Starts In Earnest

I am home sick today. This stuffy head, bucket of snot, no sleeping, headache sinuses crap has been hanging on me, and the lack of consecutive sleeping hours I am pretty sure has run my immune system down. I got … Continue reading

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The Thaw

If the extended forecast is to be believed, starting in 3 days, we will suddenly not have nights below freezing.  I assume it will not stay with us, but the prognosis of the frost which finally went into the ground … Continue reading

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