A Bit Of A Lost Year

Things never go as planned.  That has been a general theme in our lives, and one we have constantly lived with since the car wreck.  I don’t really want to get into what has happened since my last posting right now, and maybe never.  We will see.

It has been a lost year. There were so many things we planned on doing that either were not done at all, or did not work out the way we had thought they would.

So, just posting this:

This is a re-do graft I did last spring.  (see http://threedaughtersfarm.com/wp/?p=8716 )  This was saving a failure due to not protecting grafts in my backyard from rabbits I had never had an issue with before.  This is something that worked this year, and I have placed protection around this small number of grafts I have here, in case the rabbits show up again.

Those are all wire window screen wraps, which is much like what I have up on the property around the trees there to protect them from the meadow voles.

The re-grafted trees grew to really amazing heights with just one year of growth, which I attribute to the well-established root systems they went into.  For future reference, I may graft in-place going forward.  We will see.  These, as well as about 90 at my friends farm in Buffalo, and about 35 in a high fence area on our place, should go into place in the orchard next spring.

We will see.

We did take a deer this year.  Just one. 

And Nell got her first ruffed grouse on her own.

There is still a lot of things I want done, that are not.  Most of this year has been all of us trying not to stress about things that are not getting done.  Last year was much the same, but not to the same degree.  This year was an exponential grade change.

So you keep trying to move forward, keep trying to do as much as you can, and deal with what you have to deal with as well as you can.

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