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Doing Much Better

Right now we are getting ready to head out and pick up apples one last time before it turns too cold.  I called over to Homestead Orchard and Jerry there said that though it is quiet there, the orchard is … Continue reading

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So today I am starting to feel more back in fighting shape.  It doesn’t hurt to go from laying down to sitting up, and I can walk again without my right foot lagging behind me, and it picks up at … Continue reading

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Metro Dose Pack

Know what that is? A mega-dose of steroids over a short period of time. Yesterday morning I figured I was getting worse, quickly, and not better.  My foot was starting to drag and the numb area which is usually just … Continue reading

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Wondering About The Weekend

My back is giving me some serious issues.  I awoke this morning to a back spasm, then fell over when I got out of bed because my right leg did not move forward when I tried to walk across the … Continue reading

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Just Working Through It

The gardens are a bit discouraging.  The real downside is the lack of potatoes.  I dug 15 plants this morning for just a few pounds.  With how much it is hurting my back to dig, I am seriously considering leaving … Continue reading

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Some Chard, Gnadenfeld Cross OP, And LOTS Of Rumi Banjan Tomatoes!

  Last two days I have been just mentally going over what I am going to do Saturday and Sunday.  I finally decided that I am not going to do gardening.  Or at least not for most of the day.  … Continue reading

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