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Still No Baby

Which is not a surprise.  Patti gave birth exactly on her due date for the last two kids, and the first was two days early because they induced her.  By the doctor reckoning we have 11 days left to go … Continue reading

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Life Is Tripping Along Its Merry Way

My peppers and onions are under the grow lights downstairs.  My 4 year old Borletta seeds had 0% germination, so for now I only have about 300 plants started, being about 100 each of three other varieties whose seeds are … Continue reading

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First Planting Of The Year

So, I couldn’t wait.  There was a need to start growing something, and honestly, with how non-existent this winter has been, maybe plants WILL need to be ready earlier than they were last year.  This time of year though, all … Continue reading

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