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Lost Our Best Mouser

One of the risks with indoor-outdoor cats.  We have had them live well into their 20s, but momma cat passed away last night.  Her incredible rodent hunting skills will be sorely missed.    

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Pumpkin Conversion

I had a grocery bag full of corncobs with some kernels still attached, another of bean husks, and a half dozen pumpkins, some carved, some not, that had been sitting frozen on ours and our neighbor’s doorsteps until things thawed … Continue reading

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Galeux D Eysines

  When Michelle came over to get the garlic bed done here she did not just bring her tiller.  She also brought a bushel of squash along for us.  Some standard small pumpkins, a few Dutch Crookneck mochatas, and this … Continue reading

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There was a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday.  A box from an online friend of mine containing a dozen horseradish crowns.  I have never grown the stuff, but I do enjoy it as a condiment on everything … Continue reading

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The Garlic Is In!

It was getting a bit late in the year, but thankfully the ground is not frozen, it rained last night, and it is raining a bit today.  That will set the bulbs nicely into the ground.  Garlic bulbs should be … Continue reading

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So It Is Late At Night

And I have not posted in a few days. Has been busy.  I finally got around to shelling the Victor Kucyk 2175 corn for seeds.  Pretty stuff it is. That was last week.  The other thing I did was get … Continue reading

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