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Annual Grouse Hunt

So once again, the annual ruffed grouse hunting trip, which we have made, since 1979 (when it was my, my dad, and his dad) happened again.  This year it was both of my brothers, Nell, myself and my dad.Hard to … Continue reading

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More Weekend Photos

I realized I left a lot out.  We spent a lot of time in the woods this weekend, everything from cutting down bittersweet vines (insidious bastards, no idea where they came from, but they are taking down trees) to clearing … Continue reading

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Apples & Deer Hunting Preparations

On Thursday, Nell and I hit up the Ness & Montrose gardens.   First to get dry beans (another grocery bag) and latter to pull last of the squashes as it was due to freeze this last weekend (and it did … Continue reading

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Fairhaven Farm

We “found” a new favorite orchard.  Was sad to see the one we used to go to, die of neglect, but I was contacted by an orchardist from this location who offered to teach me cloning and grafting techniques to … Continue reading

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Kleffman Apples Again

So, though I messed up and once again did not get around to reproducing my tree, it did give us a happy amount of apples this year. I probably should have picked them a week ago.  Have been eating them … Continue reading

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It Is Still Going

That is me, picking beans off of green plants, in October.  Guess I have no cause to complain.  There have been some setbacks and failures this year, but dry beans was not one of them. I assume the flowers that … Continue reading

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