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Working On The Farm

The Real Farm.  4 Daughters farm. We got up there Friday at about 6 pm.  Plan was to get the 7 acre southwestern field frost seeded in dwarf clover before nightfall.  Seeder only planted about 5′ to each side, and … Continue reading

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Planting Outside

Sorry this is not real current.  The peas are up now.  Violet and I planted them in the front garden against the fence about 10 days ago. The milk jug cloches act as mini green houses.  Between each cloche is … Continue reading

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200 Apple Trees

So, the next part of our journey starts. 200 Apple root stocks.  150 seedling Antonovka and 50 MM 111 semi-dwarfs.  Some of the Antonovka will be allowed to just grow into their own trees.  14 for me, 10 for my … Continue reading

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