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I have a lot of friends who have dedicated their lives to making, and then growing out, crosses of various vegetables.  The most common of those is tomatoes, probably because tomatoes are really popular and the results can be really … Continue reading

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So It Is The Day After

Seems silly, considering how little I did, and how much Anonymous did, that I would feel this sore now.  I considered myself to be in pretty good shape before the accident.  I could play tag with the kids for hours … Continue reading

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Ness Farm & Anonymous

(Chickens shown above are the Ness’.  Ours are still at David’s property and doing fine there). Today the garden I have at the Ness farm was planted.  After all of the older girls were off to school we headed over … Continue reading

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Kids, Surgery, Amos Hinton, Planting, Apple Trees, Etc.

Here is what they built inside of of me looks like.  The staples you can see were removed just over a week ago, and it is a huge relief not to have them on my back any more. Here is … Continue reading

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Little Bits

It was not until twilight that I felt up to doing anything outside.  Probably because I held off on taking any painkillers or muscle relaxants until 7 pm. There is a section of wire fencing behind where the bee hives … Continue reading

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Slowly, So Slowly

Patti has been working on the front yard.  She is meticulous where I would be utilitarian.  When she has completed a section it is pretty, perfectly spaced, and things look groomed.  There is a downside to it though:  She has … Continue reading

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Winter To Spring

It finally happened.  Two months later than last year, but things are greening up. And I have not done a lot.  Will not be able to do much either.  The recovery from the surgery is going well, but I cannot … Continue reading

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