Another Follower


Realized this guy was following me around the back as I was spot watering this evening.


Our interaction ended when he ate a worm out of my hand.  His mother promptly fluttered in, shooed him away, and led him to the top of the neighbor’s garage.  Not a bad thing.  Cats follow me around out there too, hoping I will pick and feed them catnip.

I have been laid up since this last Monday, and finally gave in and set an appointment with a doctor for tomorrow morning.  100+ temp for 3 days has me concerned.   I did not feel great on Sunday, but it was just a mild headache and sore throat I attributed to spring allergies.  Monday morning I awoke at about 3 am, completely congested and a throat sore enough that it hurt to breathe.  Subsequent days have not been as bad, but any work at all, even being upright for a half hour, then requires an hour or two of fevered napping.  The chills and sweats are annoying.

But the garden at the Ness farm was completely weeded on Sunday.  Every row.  Every squash hill.  Every cabbage plant.  It looks really good.  Frank called with an update on the Minnetonka garden and says it looks good there.  The house garden looks good.  If I am going to be sick, guess after everything is planted, up, and weeded is not the worst time in the world.

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2 Responses to Another Follower

  1. Henry says:

    The pictures are wonderful.
    How could you manage it so well?
    The birds didn’t afraid of you!!