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Sugar Snow

So, we finished our trip home on Sunday in a blizzard.  Ended up with about 5 inches of heavy wet snow, and got another 2 inches last night, but above freezing temps in the daytime and high winds are melting … Continue reading

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Starting The Search

Just more a cursory glance at what is available at the moment. There is a good amount of farmland that is not a part of the land speculation bubble based on subsidized monocropping with chemical methods if you take the … Continue reading

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Tapping The Maple Tree

Trying things a little differently this year.  I wanted to see how well the “traditional” way of tapping compares to what I came up with on my own. Most basics are the same.  Drilled in with a 7/16ths bit at … Continue reading

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And Planting Starts Again

This morning it was -6F with 20 mph winds.  5 days ago I started dropping seeds into dirt.  It is going to warm up some day, but for the moment winter is holding tight. I was really happy with Beaver … Continue reading

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