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Making Willow Trees

Claire wanted to go for a walk this evening, so we did a little project together, which is just a continuation of lessons in clonal reproduction of trees. This is a big willow next to a retaining pond near our … Continue reading

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First Big Harvest

It is the time of season where we get garlic scapes.  Not the first greens of the year, but by far, the most wonderful.  Really, only those who grow hardneck garlic know how wonderful these are.  Buttery garlic taste, asparagus … Continue reading

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One Can Hope

Check out the link below, which is an organized response to the attempted curbing and regulation of a practice which predates European settlement of this content by about 8000 years and has continued unbroken to the present day. In … Continue reading

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And We Lost Bunny

As the title suggests, we lost Bunny last night.  Seemed to be a respiratory infection that went from her seeming just a bit out of sorts the evening before, to her expiring in my arms, with Piper sitting next to … Continue reading

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Gardening With Frank

Those of you that follow the blog or know me personally, know how much Frank and I like to cook together, and how much we enjoy doing our Red Sauce garden at the Minnetonka location.  Most of the visits over … Continue reading

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Dodging A Bullet

I have been taking photos and working in the gardens, but had not taken the time to write things up.  Promise that I will. What I did want to post was a youtube video taken less than 2 miles from … Continue reading

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More Bunnies?

Suddenly the accidental bunny is acting as though she is going to multiply herself.  <grin>  IF true it is unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.  She has made an incredible nest, and is busy alternately pulling out her fur to line … Continue reading

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Weather Is Perfect And I Cannot Do A Damn Thing

Frustrating. My surgery was on the 18th.  Full anterior/posterior lumbar fusion.  I was able to demonstrate the ability to dress, undress, feed myself, walk some distance, etc, fairly quickly so I was out of the hospital earlier than was expected. … Continue reading

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Hi everyone.  I have 256 unread comments on previous posts.  Have had too much crap going on to go through them.  At some point I will, and I assume there will be more that 256 when I do. Surgery for … Continue reading

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A Year

That is what the surgeon says the timeframe is to expect to be healed enough to pick up a commercial chainsaw and put in a few ten hour days in a row busting up trees, or a week of digging … Continue reading

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