A Cute Flying Squirrel, And Not So Cute Fuzzy Tailed Tree Rats


I declared war on the grey squirrels yesterday.  Not the flying squirrels.  But one which died in unknown circumstances was a curiosity for the kids today.  They had never seen one up close before.


These guys are really amazing.  Chinchilla-like silky soft, and amazingly aerodynamically flat.


Even the tail is flat.


These guys, I am taking out with great prejudice.  Years ago two neighbors and I had a competition for one year when a local squirrel killer was lost, and we were quickly overrun.  Our totals, for our three homes, on two adjoining city blocks, was over 300 of the buggers.  And that was just to get the numbers down enough that they were no longer chewing into our homes.  We might be back at that point.  I have taken 5 in 2 days.  They have hauled off a lot of our produce we have drying in the sun outside.


Piper is thrilled about it.  Full too.  She ate two yesterday, and two today.  She is sleeping on the deck tonight, guarding #5, presumably saving it for breakfast.  She is back to a whole-animal protein diet before deer hunting season this year.

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